Locking Cuffs and Bracelets

Handcrafted cuffs and bracelets by Eternity Collars are the perfect complement to any lifestyle. Our store offers elegant locking cuffs that are aesthetic, durable, and designed to last for an eternity.

Premium Luxury Locking Cuffs and Bracelets

Like our metal collars and anklets, all of our metal locking cuffs feature an Allen key locking feature hidden from view but can be easily removed whenever necessary. See our accessories for replacement Eternity Allen keys and unique master keys.

Titanium Eternity Cuffs

Crafted with high-quality titanium, our Titanium locking cuffs and slave bracelets are lightweight, stylish and strong.

Eternity Stainless Steel Cuffs and Bracelets

Featuring a smooth, liquid mirror finish, our Stainless Steel bracelets are elegant and durable.

Eternity Satin Cuffs

The soft appearance of our Satin finish locking and slave bracelets provide a raw, subdued appearance with amazing durability.

Eternity Gold Line Cuffs

Beautiful, brilliant Gold locking bracelets are layered in a brilliant, bio-compatible surface that mimics 18kt gold and is also durable enough for everyday wear.

Express your commitment with lasting elegance

Eternity Collars is the leading international retailer of designer stainless steel locking collars, necklaces, cuffs and anklets. We are renowned for our luxurious locking jewelry, and are proud to have had our work featured in various advertisements, including Macy's, Gothic Beauty Magazine and International Male.

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Questions about luxurious, lightweight locking necklaces and collars from Eternity? Contact us today.

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