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Eternity Collars designs unique slave collars that can be worn for an eternity. Our locking slave jewelry has been featured in various markets as the leaders in designer stainless steel and titanium locking collars, with designs that are both aesthetic and durable. Bring luxury to the lifestyle with Eternity Collars.

Featuring a variety of unique slave collars that can be worn for an eternity

Titanium Eternity Collar

Our titanium slave necklace is handcrafted with high-quality titanium that is lightweight and strong, about 40% the weight of a stainless steel bondage collar.

Original Stainless Steel Eternity Collar

Our Original bondage collars feature a smooth, liquid mirror finish and are both durable and comfortable.

Gold Slave Collar

Our Gold slave collars are layered in a hypoallergenic 18kt gold-like finish that is both brilliant and durable.

Our bondage collars, bracelets, cuffs and anklets all feature a hidden lock that can be opened and closed with an Allen key at your discretion. We provide replacement Allen key sets and master locks for those in need of additional bondage accessories.

Bringing Luxury to the Lifestyle

Only genuine Eternity collars, cuffs & anklets are machine cast with high quality, solid stainless steel and individually hand finished to create bondage jewelry designed to last an eternity.

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