Eternity Wrist Cuff - Gold
Eternity Wrist Cuff - Gold

Eternity Wrist Cuff - Gold

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Using a high-quality plating technique, our gold Eternity Wrist Cuffs are cast in titanium and then coated with a high-quality, medical-grade gold color finish for the brilliant look of 18kt gold. This quality finish is also hypoallergenic and perfect for those with metal allergies.

Machine cast in 5/16" (8mm) gauge titanium these oval-shaped locking bracelets have the alluring appeal of a fine piece of unique jewelry.

Our cuffs are locked in place using a flushed Allen screw with a tongue-in-groove enclosure and can be removed at your discretion in seconds.

Considered the true symbol of eternal devotion, our hand-crafted cuffs are made to be worn for Eternity.

Includes one screwdriver key and three (3) additional screws. 

Sold Individually. Price is for one cuff.

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Weight: ~1.3oz - 2.0oz depending on size

Thickness: 8mm (0.3125 in)

Lock and Key: (3) 1.5mm Hex screws and (1) screwdriver key (included)

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Is the coating actual 18K gold? No. Real gold is too soft for our requirements. We use a special Titanium Nitride compound that is bonded to the titanium surface.


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