Eternity Wrist Cuff - Polished Titanium
Eternity Wrist Cuff - Polished Titanium
Eternity Wrist Cuff - Polished Titanium

Eternity Wrist Cuff - Polished Titanium

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These bracelets are made from high-quality titanium and well-suited for day-to-day wear and more intimate moments. Our titanium locking cuffs have great looks and dependable strength but with substantially less weight - so there is less stress on the wrist for extended wear. The lightweight titanium also makes them perfect for an active lifestyle and will hold up to prolonged exposure to water. 

Machine cast in 5/16" (8mm) gauge titanium, these oval-shaped locking bracelets have the alluring appeal of a fine piece of unique jewelry. Our cuffs are locked in place using a flushed Allen screw with a tongue-in-groove enclosure and can be removed at your discretion in seconds.

Considered the true symbol of eternal devotion, our hand-crafted cuffs are made to be worn for Eternity.

Includes one screwdriver key and three (3) additional screws. 

Sold Individually. Price is for one cuff.

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Weight: 1.3oz - 3.0oz depending on size and core metal

Thickness: 8mm (0.3125 in)

Lock and Key: (3) 1.5mm Hex screws and (1) screwdriver key (included)

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Are these cuffs hypoallergenic?

Yes. They are made from high-grade biocompatible titanium and are suitable for people with metal allergies.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Kristy H.

Beautifully packaged, fast delivery, gorgeous wrist cuff.

Would have been nice to know it is an oval shape and perhaps have length and width measurements to assist in sizing.

Aaron M.
Amazing improvements

We purchased cuffs in 2015 and 2016. We love them and wear them every day. The only time they have been removed was because of medical procedures. My husband and I started having issues with the screw coming out. My husband was worse it was to the point where he had to check it several times a day because it would work itself out so far. I called to ask if the knew of something we could do to keep it from falling out and I was told it was under warranty. I was surprised. I can't think of anything I have purchased that stood by their product like this company.
While talking with the representative I told her that my cuffs were doing the same thong but I only had to check them every day or two and she said they would replace mine as well.
My husbands came in and the cuffs have changed. They used to have obvious lines where the joints were and looked industrial, not a bad look or any thing mind you but these new ones are sleek and elegant. I can't wait for mine to come in.
We have always told others to shop here. Now we have even more positive things to say.
BTW we are going to get the Prism cuffs for our 10 year anniversary.

Alexander B.
An exceptional addition.

I recently purchased what appears to be a copycat of an eternity collar.

The fur and finish seemed good. However, after purchasing from the site directly, I see the difference from the package the cuff was shipped to the overall fit and finish of the item. There is no comparison to an authentic item purchased directly from Eternity Collars, so much so that I will replace the counterfeit with an actual titanium. Well, made. Fast shipping. Just impressive in all ways.