Why Eternity

Our mission is to offer elegant, well-crafted pieces with in a true locking feature to symbolize an eternal bond. We continuously work to innovate and create new designs and functionality we believe will demonstrate an eternal devotion - and with the elegance and class worthy of your commitment.

Our designs are crafted to elegantly represent the significance and commitment of a lifetime bond. We understand the significance of collaring and we put great thought and effort into creating items products you can cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.


Each piece we manufacture is fabricated to a high degree of precision and attention to detail. Our hinges and clasps are engineered to be a seamless as possible, and our leather products are stitched and assembled to fit comfortably and reliably.


Every piece of our locking jewelry, collars and accessories are created from premium, high-quality metals and leather, suitable for holding up in all sorts of conditions and able to withstand the test of time.


Every product with a special finish, including our black, rose gold and gold items, are coated with a highly durable material that is microscopically welded to the metal. These finishes are far more durable, lasting and brilliant than the more common (and less expensive) powder coated finishes you will find on inferior products.


We sincerely believe exceptional products are only exceptional when accompanied by an exceptional customer experience. We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty, liberal return policy and a promise to do whatever it takes to make sure we create a customer for life.