Eternity Collar - Titanium - Prism Finish
Eternity Collar - Titanium - Prism Finish

Eternity Collar - Titanium - Prism Finish

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Prism restock coming Summer 2024

The Prism finish on this Eternity Collar uses the same durable process as our popular black and gold finishes, where the finish is welded directly to the titanium core.

No two collars are alike. Each has distinct patterns and colors unique to the individual item. This finish is durable and can stand more rigorous use and 24/7 wear.

  • Distinct Colorful Pattern: Unique to each item, combining playful blues, reds, purples, greens, and yellows.
  • Lightweight & Hypoallergenic: These collars are made from solid premium biocompatible titanium, perfect for 24/7 wear.
  • Discreet Locking Mechanism: Designed to be easy to access but visible from only one side for a seamless appearance.

Made from solid, high-quality titanium, these collars combine great looks with dependable strength, but with substantially less weight - more than 40% less than our stainless steel collars - so there is less stress on the collar bone for extended wear. 

Our Titanium Collection is 100% hypoallergenic and is perfect for those who have metal allergies. 

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Weight: ~2.6oz - ~7.5oz depending on size and core metal

Thickness: 8mm (0.3125 in)

Lock and Key: (3) 1.5mm Hex screw and (1) screwdriver key (included)

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Will the finish wear off?
The finish is durable for extended daily wear, but it can be damaged by repeated contact with hard surfaces or metal-to-metal contact.

Will this finish irritate my skin?
No. We use hypoallergenic materials in this finish.

Is the lock permanent?
No. It is designed to be removed easily with the provided Allen key.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Sydni T.
Absolutely Perfect

I've been wearing it for almost two months and I adore it. The colors are beautiful and the 4 little screws I received had the same coating as the collar. I was recommended a medium but I was concerned about feeling claustrophobic and having it feel to tight, I got a medium-large and it was the perfect fit for my needs. It was an adjustment process for me as I'm not used to wearing necklaces or jewelry however after a week or so of wearing it I hardly notice it's here due to how lightweight it is. It feels weird not wearing it at this point. I did contact them personally with some questions me and my Dom had before purchasing it and they where super helpful and provided me with everything I wanted to know. Overall I'd give them a 5/5 it's succeeded my expectations and it's everything I was hoping for in my Eternity collar.

Summon S.

The color is absolutely brilliant and stunning. Wearing the collar has been comfortable, often times I forget it's even there. It's not heavy at all and is the perfect fit.

Amaya C.
Worth the money!

It’s absolutely so comfortable so cute I love it so much so does my dom he loves it! 10/10 would definitely recommend getting it it’s worth the money!