Jewelry Polishing Cloth
Jewelry Polishing Cloth

Jewelry Polishing Cloth

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Keep your Eternity collar, bracelet, anklet or other jewelry looking great with these convenient jewelry polishing cloths. Includes one (1) reusable cloth.

The micro-fiber cloth is permeated with special micro-abrasives for safely removing tarnish from a variety of metals. They are great for bringing oxidized titanium or tarnished silver back to life.

These also work on our black and gold coated finishes. Great for all of your metal jewelry - though specially chosen for Eternity products.

The small size makes them easy to carry in a pocket, purse, or wallet. For best results, your item should be cleaned before using this polishing cloth.

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Height: 7.5 inches

Width: 5 inches

NOTE: Do not wash. They continue to work for multiple uses, even after they have started to darken.

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